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Important persons

No wonder that apart from kings and counts, other characters remain excited about our wonderful city.

In 1999, Lope de Vega spent some time at the Palace of the Counts of Chinchon and even wrote a book entitled "El Blasón de los Chaves de Villalba".

Lope de Vega
Lope de Vega

Francisco de Goya
Francisco de Goya

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, also spent long periods in this town to have his brother Camilo as chaplain of the parish church.

Our spectacular Plaza Mayor has always been linked to bullfighting, so the famous bullfighter Frascuelo (XIX century), held many runs in this unique location. His love for this town comes from an unfortunate fact. One evening in which was held a capea , he was hit by a bull and the town of Chinchon addresses his health hosting him in a family house. Once recovered, the bullfighter reward us with the gift of the first fights tabloncillo and twice to the benefit of the poor. The current festival to benefit the elderly from the San Jose began performing in 1923 by Marcial Lalanda. Currently, son Julio Aparicio is organized by our famous and oldest bullfighting festival that takes place in Spain.

José Sacristán
José Sacristan

Following the film world, we can not forget Jose Sacristán, a resident of our town and actor in good standing. For some years is responsible for organizing a theater festival in Chinchón.

Today our city is still shooting scene for many movies and commercials. Currently The Very Noble and Loyal City of Chinchon, preserves and cherishes its history harmonized with his present, moving steadily forward leaning on agricultural products quality and great tourism potential in the fast changing.