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Passion of Christ route


One of the dates of the year in which Chinchón receives more inflow of tourists is at Easter. The living representation of the Passion and Death of Christ is one of the most famous of the Community, recognized for several years by his majesty and the fervor with which their inhabitants live, invited to witness it and live Holy Saturday evening, which reflects a unique setting by the surrounding landscape, the Plaza Mayor, and a colorful hard to match.


So we decided to create a route where visitors will live the Passion of Christ in different locations while are walking streets and corners that arouse much interest or even more if it is the knowledge that might raise representation of the Passion and Death of Christ.


  1. CENACLE. The Passion of Christ begins with the Last Supper, represented on the balcony of the town hall, located in the Plaza Mayor.
  2. PRAYER AND ENGRAFTMENT. We'll head to Plaza de San Roque.
  3. PRAETORIUM. Known as the "Pilate's Balcony" in Molinos Baja Street. Once condemned Christ, from this point carries the cross and go up La Amargura street with soldiers, torchers and townspeople.
  4. SIMON OF CIRENE. Bifurcation between Cuesta de Salobre and Cuesta de la Torre. In this street we'll know where Jesus suffers the first fall way to Calvary and is helped by a man, who accompanied Christ to his crucifixion.
  5. VERONICA. Columna de los Franceses. We arrived at one of the highlights of the tour, as the procession arrives at the Plaza Mayor. Christ has his second fall and Veronica runs beside him to wipe his face.
  6. MEETING. Below and in the Plaza Mayor, in front of Mulillas street, is developed the third and final fall. Christ's encounter with his mother.
  7. CALVARY AND BURIAL. In the called Fuentearriba, it takes place the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Perhaps the most solemn act of representation. All Square keeps a silence until it breaks with a burst of applause.
  8. RESURRECTION. Facade of the parish church. At this point is made the resurrection of Christ from a fabulous game of lights and special effects.