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Festivals and touristic events

Santiago Apostle festivities

Good start for bullfighting history of a people that preserves the tradition and frame their actions in the beauty of a luxury setting as is the Plaza Mayor.

Before the Plaza Mayor charged its role, bulls were speared in the Castillo de los Condes, primal bullring which we can still see important remains. There the local nobility chivalry bullfighting was developed, dealing bulls with striking and daring.

Over the years, because an increasing involvement in the fight of elements drawn from the lower classes, there was a gradual withdrawal of the aristocracy as the star of the party.

The history of the bulls in Chinchón comprises real bullfights, festivals, amateur and professional comedians festivities.

Fiestas de Santiago Apóstol

Torre del reloj

The bullfights in Chinchón back to the sixteenth century, when cowboys drove cattle from the pastures near the Henares, Tajo and Jarama rivers. The herd was accompanied by horsemen and fans with spears to the entrance of the town, where the brave hoped to run them into the square. Bulls and steers traveled long distances to Chinchon, having to rest between thickets and valleys, by the way of Ciempozuelos, or in the olive groves of the nuns and in the vicinity of the tannery and Fuente Pata, near the population.

The devotion of the residents to Santiago Apostle, makes the July 25, years ago a national holiday, the celebration of the first year bullfight and opening of the bullfighting season of Chinchón, bearing witness to our Plaza Mayor, place where have passed the most prestigious bullfighters of all time.

As the first closure of the region attracts many people from neighboring villages and many visitors who enjoy these first parties.

As curious anecdote we can tell that although Chinchón is a very devoted and all the people participate in our traditional processions, Santiago Apostle never appears in one of them because there was no statue of this saint. He is only represented in the reliefs of several altars. He devotes a High Oration.