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Festivals and touristic events

The Passion

Chinchón and its recognized religious fervor, live with great intensity their particular Easter. There are several processions throughout the week, which relocate the steps from the Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción to other religious buildings of our town. These processions culminate Friday in our Plaza Mayor with the concentration of all the religious pieces in a very solemn ceremony. Within this Easter highlight the living representation of the Passion of Christ is one of the most famous and oldest community since it began conducting in 1963, as an initiative of S. Luis Lezama, the village priest.

This great via crucis is represented by more than 250 neighbors of Chinchon who walk the streets, making the city one day in Jerusalem.

The Passion of Chinchon takes place on Holy Saturday evening. We can say, that is one of the dates of the year in which Chinchón gets more number of visitors.

La Pasión en Chinchón

Personajes romanos de la representación

This artistic-religious act was declared National Tourist Interest in 1980 by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism.

For his majesty and fervor with which their inhabitants live it, invite to witness it and contemplate the unique scenery, the surrounding landscape, the main square, and a colorful hard to match. The Passion consists of eight scenes that take place in the vicinity of the Plaza Mayor.

The event begins at City Hall. In one of its balconies the Last Supper is performed. Later, when the night has completely covered Chinchón, in the Plaza de San Roque presents The Prayer of Jesus Christ in the garden and the subsequent arrest by the Romans.

Pontius Pilate chairs the balcony of an imposing house in Molinos baja street, and after the death sentence of Christ, begins the climb up the street from Amargura street. Here takes place the first fall of Jesus or Simon of Cyrene, then enter our grand Plaza Mayor, and is held the second drop in Columna de los Franceses. Is the encounter with Veronica. Following the procession along the route comes the third and last fall, the encounter with his mother Mary.

We arrive here at Calvary with a excellent staging. He is crucified and his death is performed. Here comes the most awaited by all, the Resurrection. In the Iglesia de la Asunción, Christ ascends main facade enveloped in white smoke and doves. In the square a chill invades the viewers.