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Festivals and touristic events

Virgen de la Misericordia festivity

The feast of Nuestra Señora de la Misericordia is held the first weekend of September. It is a popular festival with great flavor and the most important festivals of the neighborhoods.

Her hermit was the chapel of Mercy Hospital built in the seventeenth century, with Baroque style.

One of their traditions is that the neighbors and sisters make and give away homemade cakes to be sold by the sisterhood the Saturday before the Virgin festivity day in order to pay the expenses of the party and the needs of the shrine and image of the Virgin.

Triduum, giants and big heads, contests, verbena, high mass and procession makes a range of popular events, to honor this ancient image.

Virgen de la Misericordia

Nuestra Señora del Rosario festivity

Nuestra Señora del Rosario

The festival is held on the third weekend of September, although the feast of the Virgin is on October 7th. There is a beautiful chapel dedicated to the Virgin. In 1929 a great fire destroyed almost completely, except his image. Many neighbors think it was a miracle. This chapel was part of the former Convent of the Augustinians.

October is harvest time in Chinchón, and that all the people can enjoy the festivities in honor of the Virgin

There are traditional bullfighting performed at nine in the morning. In the afternoon there is a bullfight in our spectacular Plaza Mayor, verbena and religious acts as the High Mass, the procession in which our neighbors express their religious feelings. To end the festival there is a spectacular Almoneda which is nothing else than the auction of objects that residents give to this figure.