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Festivals and touristic events

Patron festivities

Chinchón, land of rooted traditions, has been for centuries a town of great renown, hosting festivals, heritage, history and a myriad of peculiarities that differentiate us from many other municipalities. If anything distinguishes us from other localities, is the affection with which our neighbors welcome anyone wishing to visit the town, because Chinchón festivities are nothing without those who want to share with us our joy and fervor with which we live our celebrations.

The festivity of Chinchon is a good time to visit and participate in all the activities that can be done.

In mid-August, 15th and 16th, in honor of the Virgen de Gracia and San Roque, patron of Chinchon, are celebrated the festivals of more relevance in our town. Many activities are developed, trying to please all citizens and visitors.

The origin of our patrons back to the Middle Ages.

Procesión de la Virgen de Gracia

Fuegos artificiales en las fiestas patronales

The oldest parish church of Chinchón was dedicated to Nuestra Señora de Gracia, which today remains his tower. There are records of this church from the fifteenth century.

Moreover, the custom of neighbors to implore the saints during times of epidemics, caused the people of Chinchón prayed to San Roque when the town was hit by the plague. Coincidence or miracle, the epidemic subsided and they celebrated the first bullfightings in our villa (dating from the mid-sixteenth century), dedicated to this saint, with the difference that the bulls were running at six o'clock. Years later, in the seventeenth century, was founded a chapel in her honor, where locals and visitors make their offerings in the days before the great feast.

During the festivities we can enjoy musical performances, popular festivals, religious ceremonies in honor of our patrons as intense masses or processions that run through the streets of our city, acts for younger like giants and big heads, cultural exhibitions, sports competitions. Notably within these acts are our famous traditional bullfights held in our emblematic Plaza Mayor.

The festivities culminate with the traditional Almoneda, an ancient custom where the offerings that residents give to our patrons are auctioned.